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It's not about me, as Pastor Rick reminds me in his book The Purpose Driven Life.   I know that God is the amazing artist who paints with light, water, earth, and a whole host of other stuff that I don't understand.  I'm just the idiot often alone in a field with my mouth hanging wide open, just trying to keep it together long enough to hit the shutter button.  I like to tell my wife that I feel closer to God when I'm in His landscapes than I do when I'm at church.  Sorry pastor.   In the bible it says that God creates beauty in nature to show you parts of Himself.   That He is faithful and detail oriented and that He will be with you to the ends of the Earth, wherever you may roam.  All I know is that I feel it when I'm in nature. My hope for my photography is to share that feeling with you.

My logo has my initials holding up the cross.  Being named after John the Baptist, I see my life's work as pointing to Christ through my landscape photography.  I can see God creating beauty all around me in my daily life as He is creating beauty in distant landscapes.  Quite the multitasker.  Through my photography, I hope to encourage you to see the beauty that God is creating all around you in your daily life too.

I have seen God create beauty in my family life, where I felt only hopelessness.  My son was born in July 2007, on a beautiful bright summer morning at 6:30am.  The mood was cheery like a celebration.  The hospital staff was fresh and energetic in the morning and they were celebrating with us.  Seeing my son for the first time, whom I dreamt about having was the greatest day of my life.  In stark contrast, my daughter was born on a dark cold winter's night in January 2009 at 12:30am.  The hospital staff's mood was somber and their energy was low.  I hoped perhaps they were just tired from being on their feet for 12 hours near the end of their shift. But no, they were clearly concerned about something.  My wife and I were not exactly old, but on the chart being past age 35 showed a significantly higher risk of having genetic issues in child birth.

On that night, my wife's worst fear was realized.  We were told that our baby girl was born with Down Syndrome.  In a moment, our world came crashing down.  Our dream of having a ‘perfect’ family

suddenly died.  We were in utter shock.  We did not know what to expect.  We were fearful of the unknown.  Fearful of what was to come.  Fearful that we may not be able to handle what was to come.  We were filled with fear.  My daughter was also born with multiple critical health issues as well.  She was born with duodenal atresia or without having her stomach and intestine connected, so everything she ate needed to be thrown back up.  She was not feeding on her own and needed a feeding tube through her stomach.  Her colon had several areas that were not functioning and needed to be surgically removed.  She was also born with three holes in her heart that would need open heart surgery to repair within 5 months or she would die.   It was a critical situation where she needed heart surgery within 5 months to survive, but was not currently big enough nor strong enough to survive open heart surgery.  Within 3 days, I needed to be trained as an at home nurse care giver to my newborn daughter.  And then due to my preoccupation, I lost my job the following week.  It was the most traumatic time in my life.

I never prayed so much or so hard in all my life.  Every day at 5am, the eyes pop open and it just starts praying.  I was scared, but did not have time to be scared.   I honestly felt that God had finally left me.  My daughter Joy needed all manner of therapy in order to learn to do even the most basic tasks.  She needed therapy to learn to drink milk from a bottle.  She needed therapy to learn to crawl.   She needed therapy to learn to walk.  She needed therapy to learn to talk.  I never imagined she would be able to do any of these things.  And I certainly never imagined she would learn to read or to pray to God.

But she does.  Each time she would prove me wrong.  She is the most persistent determined little girl that I know.  Today she is an energetic, spunky, and fun loving girl that people gravitate to.  Everyone who works with her and spends time with her falls in love with her.   She is like a little rock star.   I am ashamed to have been so depressed and fearful on the night of her birth.   I realize now that God was by my side the whole time, including that dark first night.  He creates beauty out of a whole host of things that I do not understand.   I have seen that the majestic landscapes He creates for us to enjoy every morning are just the beginning.  All the planning and timing and the alignment of the planets to create amazing sunsets over dramatic landscapes pales in comparison to the amount of planning and effort He expends to make our very lives into a beautiful work of art.   I have seen His work in my own life and I know that you will see His fingerprints in your life as well.

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Thank you so much for visiting and looking at my pictures of God's amazing works of art.  Please visit again soon as I will continue hitting my shutter button with my mouth and eyes wide open.   I plan to do this until I drop dead in one of His landscapes.  Please take care of yourself and know that God loves you and has a plan just for you.  And I will see again you soon.  


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Our Joy

Joy Joy's 7th Birthday!

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