Come shoot with me!  This summer I will be shooting the infinite Milky Way amongst the oldest living things on Earth; the ancient Bristlecone Pine.  Patriarch Grove is a special place where the ancient trees live.  The trees have been carbon dated to be 4,700 years old by researcher Dr. Henry Michael of the University of Pennsylvania.  If trees could talk... Walking among the ancient trees with the Milky Way overhead is a surreal experience you won't want to miss.   It is estimated that 80% of people have never seen the Milky Way with their own eyes due to living in a city with too much light pollution.  Let's change that right now.  When you go to a truly dark sky location, you will be blown away by the sheer number of stars you see the moment you step out of the truck.  And the moment you first see the Milky Way with your own eyes is one you will never forget.  On location I will help you capture these moments in a portfolio quality photograph that you will cherish for a lifetime.  Then over a nice breakfast, I will help you post process your image to a professional level of editing that will make your photograph a true work of art.  I strive to keep my groups small and intimate in order to maximize your learning opportunites.  My groups are limited to no more than three participants in order to make this possible.  Plus that's as many as will fit in my 4x4 Toyota Tacoma.  So come join me for an unforgettable Milky Way photography shoot of a lifetime!

Our galactic adventure will start at the Creekside Inn.  We will meet at the front desk on Aug. 13th, at 4:00pm.  Spots fill fast so click on 'Pay Now' below to reserve your spot today.


– Number of Photographers:  3 spots available!

When and where:

– Aug. 13-14th, 2018

– Meet at the hotel's front desk on Aug 13th at 4:00pm

– The Milky Way photo shoot will take place from 10:30pm to 1:30am on Aug. 13-14th

– Post processing will take place from 9:30am till 11:30am on Aug. 14th

– Hotel info:  Creekside Inn, 725 N. Main St., Bishop, CA 93514, (760) 872-3044  (This is a recommended hotel only.  Please feel free to stay elsewhere based on availability and personal preference.  But we will meet at this front desk initially.)


– Total price:  450 USD per photographer 

– Maximum Number of Participants:  3

– Difficulty: moderate (moderate hiking, photo spots are accessible by hiking trail)

What's Included: 

– Transportation to beautifully photographic spots in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest

– On site photography instruction by a professional landscape photographer

– Master level post processing instruction and assistance to finish one portfolio shot

What's Not Included: 

– Hotel stay

– Meals

– Initial transportation to the hotel

What to bring:

– DSLR camera with tripod

– A wide angle lens (ie. 14-24 mm Nikkor f2.8)

– Laptop with Lightroom or Photoshop installed (can use 30 day trial from Adobe)

-- Warm clothing, hats, and gloves

-- Headlamp

– Picnic dinner/snacks (sandwich and veggies are ideal)

What to wear: 

– Warm jacket

– Beanie

– Gloves/hand warmers

– Comfortable closed toe shoes

Tour leader:

– Johnny Kim, Landscape Photographer

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